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There are many ways that people can volunteer with the Youth Service. The activities and services that we provide vary across the country and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved regardless of your ability, experience or education. We have volunteers doing the following tasks so there may be something in this list you might be interested in or you may have other suggestion.

  • Bus driving
  • Bus escorts
  • Assisting young people with a range of activities
  • Setting up equipment
  • Fundraising
  • Working on projects i.e. art, music, film, dance, sport
  • Supporting young people access information they want

So how do you volunteer with the Youth Service?

There are a couple of options.

Here are a few stories from some of our volunteers to give you an idea of what you could gain from getting involved.

Lorraine Maher
I am in my twenties and I have been a volunteer with the Integrated Arts Project in Tallaght since 2008. My role with the project has progressed over the years from being a support person for the activities to taking on leadership responsibilities. I support the young people to organise their transport to the activities, I let them know the dates and times for the activities and I travel with them to ensure they get home safely.

It does not seem like work at all. I mix well with the young people and I get to share my experiences of life with a disability. Some of the young people confide in me and talk about what’s going on for them.

I feel like I’ve grown up within the role and I am delighted to be involved. I used to be a service user in the Youth Service but today I am a Volunteer giving something back to young people with and without disabilities in my area. It’s great and a real important part of my busy life.
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Youth Volunteer Form

Please fill out the form below to state your interest in volunteering your time for the IWA Youth Service. If the form does not give you the exact area or task you wish to volunteer in, just fill it out as best as you can and a Youth representative will contact you to go though your options.

Please read the Contact Agreement at the bottom of the form. Please see our privacy policy and terms of use if you require further information.

Volunteer with IWA Youth Service

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PLEASE NOTE: By submitting this form and providing your contact details and other information, you are hereby stating your interest in communicating with Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) Youth service and consent to be contacted by IWA for the purposes of sending you information on our Youth Service. You are free to request removal of your contact details at any time by contacting our Youth Team at youth@iwa.ie.


Hopefully we'll hear from you soon.