Private Rental Access Checklist

The checklist below is intended as a basic minimum design guide to assist in determining if an existing property is potentially suitable for a person using a wheelchair. It would be preferable for a wheelchair user that the front door, all interior doors, hall and room dimensions would be greater than those listed below .

The dimensions given in this Checklist are based on properties that were designed using the minimum Building Regulation requirements and not best practice. The Building Regulations, since 2001, require new homes to be visitable but not live-able by a person with a mobility impairment. It is rare to find a properly accessible private rental property; usually this only occurs when an adapted property is no longer in use by the person/s by whom it was adapted and it is then put out for private rental.

Please note, the dimension given in this checklist would not be suitable to accommodate a person using a powered wheelchair

For further information on recommended dimensions, please see IWA Best Practice Access Guidelines available by clicking here.

House or Apartment is:
  • Close to shopping
  • Close to public transport
  • Accessible parking available
  • Level or ramped access from path/road to entrance
  • Level entrance
  • Door intercom in apartment building
  • Door opening mechanism is easy to use
  • Shared hall in apartment building - minimum 1500mm in width
  • Internal dwelling hall width - minimum 1200mm. A square hallway can work well
  • Internal dwelling door width/s - minimum 750mm
  • Open Plan Living and Kitchen Areas
  • Turning area of 1800x1800mm in kitchen area
  • Bathroom is a Wet Room
  • Bathroom minimum size of 2m x 2m
  • If accessed by lift, lift must accommodate a wheelchair user
  • Minimum lift size 1100x1400mm (width x depth)