Models of Housing

The Following are the different terms used by IWA to describe different living or accommodation options within social and private housing

Transitional independent living

Provides a temporary setting where people learn or relearn independent living skills, gain confidence and self-reliance. Residents may avail of personal supports as required. IWA has transitional independent living accommodation in Clontarf, Tipperary, Limerick, Kilkenny. The disability organisation Abode in Cork also provides independent living training.

Long term independent living

Provides long term housing units, residents may avail of personal support services eg personal assistance (PA) as required. Long Term Independent Living is available through social housing providers and through private purchase or rental.

Supported independent living

Provides either individual housing units close to each other or will facilitate people who wish to live within a group setting. A supported housing environment will provide or source for the occupier a variety of required support services, often including PA service. These supports can often be shared with other residents living in proximity. The support services provided may include staff living in proximity to the housing units or calling at regular and agreed times.

There is limited availability of Supported Independent Living. Often this type of accommodation is provided by a Disability Organisation or Voluntary Housing Association in partnership with the HSE. If you think that this type of living option is what would suit you, then register on the Council Housing List and also contact the HSE Disability Manager in your local area to make your accommodation need known.