Kayleigh McKevitt
Fri, 22 Nov 2013
Youth Service Staff- Who Are They!? Part 2- Dave Barry (Youth Worker)

Youth Service Staff- Who Are They!? Part 2- Dave Barry (Youth Worker)

Youth member Kayleigh McKevitt recently met with youth worker Dave Barry to chat to him about his past, present and future! Here’s the chat:



Kayleigh: What did you want to be when you were a child?


Dave: As a child I think I first wanted to work in a bank, but also wanted to be a professional footballer as most young lads want to!


Kayleigh: What’s your favourite sport?


Dave: To play I’d say football, play a bit with the lads in the IWA. To watch, probably hurling, I love to watch a good hurling match. Went to see most of the Dublin hurling matches last summer, they were brilliant.


Kay: Favourite thing about the Christmas holidays?


Dave: It’s nice just to have a break and chill out with family and friends. I have two younger brothers 11 and 13 so Christmas is lovely with younger kids around. I just bought a house last year so it’s lovely to have my own place and decorate it.


Kayleigh: How did you come to work with the IWA?


Dave: I kind of fell into it literally. My ex girlfriend worked in a similar area and I just thought I’d like to give it a go. I was working in a bank at the time and really didn’t like it, needed a change big time. I changed so, 10 years ago this year…scary it’s gone so fast.


Kayleigh: Are there any downsides of working in the IWA youth service?


Dave: I suppose it’s hard sometimes not getting enough time to see friends as I work a lot of late nights but there’s very little downside really, I love it.


Kayleigh: So Dave, what’s your favourite kind of music?


Dave: Loads of different bands really, some older stuff like Led Zepplin that you mightn’t know. More recent stuff like Mumford and Sons to the Kings of Leon- a bit of light rock is best!


Kay: Where is your favourite place to travel?


Dave: I travelled around Europe a few years back and visited Dubrovnik in Croatia, beautiful place. I’ve been to Las Vegas a few times and can’t imagine there are many better places in the world for a holiday.


Kay: What’s your most embarrassing moment?


Dave: I was in Malta on a holiday a few years ago with an ex girlfriend. Arrived into the hotel, dropped bags in and ran down to the harbour and jumped into the sea. Swam around for a few minutes and realised I still had my wallet in my pocket with all of the money for the holiday. Jumped around like a madman getting out of the sea, all the passersby chuckling away. Ran up to the room with the money and spent 2 hours with a hair dryer, drying away! Luckily enough all the money was saved!


Kay: Ok thanks Dave, nice chatting to you.



Dave: Thanks Kayleigh, chat soon.