Richard 'Rocky' Redmond ]
Thu, 13 Feb 2014
Youth Service Staff Profile Interview
Tracey and Rocky in the Carmel Fallon Holiday Centre

Youth Service Staff Profile Interview

Youth Service volunteer Richard (Rocky) Redmond recently met with Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) Youth Service Personal Assistant (PA) Tracey Young to have a quick chat and see what she’s all about!


Rocky: Hi Tracey, so how long have you been involved with the youth service?

Tracey: I have been involved in the Youth Services with IWA for the last year and a half.


Rocky: So do you enjoy it?

Tracey: I really enjoy working with the gang from the Youth Service especially at the discos which take place once a month. Last year, I also went away with the youth group to Share Village in Fermanagh .We went for the weekend and we all had a ball, the ‘craic’ was ninety. We all got on great, like one big happy family. The only downfall of the weekend was the Youth Workers- enough said I will say no more (only joking). But the honest answer to the question, Rocky, is I love working with the Youth Service.


Rocky: So apart from keeping busy with IWA, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Tracey: In my spare time I enjoy going to see my children, Sarah and Evan, playing their GAA games at the weekend. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends. That’s all I can say, if I give you anymore information I might get sacked from the Youth Service (haha!).



Rocky: Ok Tracey, quick fire round. Readyyyyy…..

1)   Favourite colour- Red

2)   Favourite band/singer- Daniel O’Donnell, favourite song (Fifty Shades of Green)

3)   Favourite holiday destination- Puerto Rico in the Canaries 

4)   Early bird or night owl- Night owl

5)   Left or right handed- Right handed


Rocky: Tracey, if you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?

Tracey: To be the President of Ireland, to win the Lotto and to have Rocky as my son (ahhhh!!!).  


Rocky: Have you any nice holidays planned for the summer?

Tracey: I have a family holiday planned for Spain in August which I’m looking forward to after all the hard work I do with the Youth Service (it’s badly needed).


Rocky: Ok Tracey, one final question…and answer truthfully- do you have anything nice to say about the youth workers, Stephen and Dave?

Tracey: Truthfully the youth workers Stephen and Dave are great blokes, so easy to work with and great ‘craic’. I find that both lads are very approachable and do a great job.



Rocky: Great Tracey thanks, see you soon.