Sean O'Kelly
Fri, 05 Feb 2016
The Wheely Cool Fashion Show

The Wheely Cool Fashion Show

In October of last year the Bray Youth Café decided to follow suit with the youth café in Clontarf and organise a fashion show. Once we decided on this project and potential venues we set out in force to organise the venue and sourcing clothes. Dave Barry, Kayleigh Fisher and I met with a Manager of The Royal Hotel in Bray on a Tuesday evening before the café started. We were thrilled when we got confirmation that we could hold the event there.

We linked in with another youth café which is based in Bray for the event. We set out what rounds we would have. We had a mask round (of famous people), casual wear, a sports round, winter wear (which was very appropriate for the time of year) and a onesie round. We knew we wouldn’t be able to get everything donated so most of the items were items that we already had.

A few of us set out to Dundrum Shopping Centre to ask shops if they would sponsor some clothes. We went to many shops but menswear shop ‘Gant’ were glad to help us out. We all had some part in this event, either modelling or behind the scenes.

We held the event on Wednesday  January 20th. It was a brilliant evening. Daniel Airey stole the night with his top class comical MC job. We kicked things off at 8pm and it lasted around 2 hours. We had three rounds and then an interval and then the last 2 rounds. At the interval members of the other youth group entertained the audience with singing and hip hop dancing. A local guy from Bray came and he played the guitar and sang. We also had 2 Irish dancers entertaining everyone. I think it is safe to say a brilliant night was had by all.



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