Bray Youth Cafe
Thu, 11 Jun 2015
Promenade Positivity in Bray
Cafe members spread the good message!

Promenade Positivity in Bray

IWA Bray Youth Café held a positive mental health campaign on Bray promenade last Saturday the 6thJune. The project was run in conjunction with a youth club that our café members are linked with in Bray. The two groups came together in May and decided that they wanted to do something in the community that would promote some positive feelings-put a smile on peoples’ faces!

The gang came up with a number of ideas:

·       Create their own t-shirts for the day with their own positive slogans on front

·         Give out rice crispie buns and chocolate coins to the public

·         Create a ‘Wall of Compliments’-laminated cards so that people could take a ‘compliment’ and give it to somebody that day!

·         Games-giant connect four, Twister and ‘hop skotch’!

·         Green Ribbon Campaign-give out free ‘Green Ribbons’ to promote the idea of talking about your mental health (

So the day arrived and we hit Bray promenade with our new t-shirts, Dave the youth worker dressed in a Banana suit (one of your 5 a day!!!) and armed with all our of ‘goodies’ and games.  The wind was a bit of a problem at first with our ‘Wall of Compliments’ taking flight and resembling more of a ‘Kite of Compliments’! However, the weather abated somewhat and the sun even appeared for a bit to say hello.

The passers-by on the promenade were at first bemused by what we were doing (couldn’t understand we were giving away free cakes!!). However, we soon got into our groove and people began to interact with our group. Young kids loved the free ‘goodies’, whilst a lot of people were intrigued and delighted with our ‘Wall of Compliments’.  The Giant Connect 4 was a hit with people, with games continuously on the go over the two hours. We had 2 boxes of our Green Ribbons, 100 in all, which were all given out-we really think we helped to open up the conversation around mental health!

All in all, the day was a great success. The youth groups had fun on the day, the public were really interested in what we were doing and the weather was ok (in that we didn’t get blown away!!).

If you are having problems in your life, are not quite feeling yourself and finding things a struggle, you should talk to a friend, family member or a teacher/youth worker.  Have a look at the following websites for further info on mental health issues:





If you would further information on our project and would like to replicate this with your youth group around the country, you can give IWA Youth Worker David Barry a call on 087 050 6946.