Jane Fennessy
Wed, 17 Jul 2013

Old to New - Our Centre


In late September early October last year the Navan branch of the I.W.A. left their cozy day centre in the hands of builders to get renovated and extended. We moved into a church next door. The church was a lot better than I expected. It was smaller than what we were use to but it had a kitchen and a living area where we played boccia, board and card games and quizzes.


The down side to this move was we were unable to bring our motorised wheelchairs as the entrance was too tight to maneuver our chairs, so we all had a choice to use our manual chairs or stay at home. For me the choice was easy as Monday and Wednesdays can’t come quick enough. In late November early December we moved back into our newly renovated premises, bigger spaces and lot more colour to it.


On the 20th of June our IWA centre had their official opening ceremony, it was open to one and all with some special invitations as follows, The mayor of Navan, Francis Dean, to name but a few. It was like a paparazzi city, with everyone being pulled into photos or interviews. It was a great day and I feel privileged to have attended it after all the hard work that went into the new look.


It was really hard to leave the old centre behind but the new improved centre is so user friendly and it includes a massive vegetable garden that we could almost be self reliant on the wonderful veg it is producing. It was a long time coming but we got there in the end and as they say good things are worth waiting for.