Jane Fennessy
Tue, 16 Jul 2013

Life Changing Moment

Hello my name is Jane, 26 years old and I started receiving a PA service in July 2007. Since I started receiving this service my life changed dramatically. It means that I can live my own life without the aid of my family. In 2009 I took the biggest step ever and moved into a place I can proudly say is my home. I couldn’t have done this without the help of my PA’s. They come at certain times during the day to help me enhance my life, and assist me have the best standard of living possible.


Since receiving my hours I have become a regular concert goer I also like going to the cinema, it allows me to interact with the community in general, it also means that I am not relying on my family and the time we spend together is quality and not out of necessity. The time we spend together is very important, we have come dine with me nights, we socialise or just catch up over a cuppa.


I do not have a specific taste in limiting my music to one or two bands as I enjoy so many and the more variety the better. I find my music is a great comfort during a stressful period.


I also want to say that it is very important that I remember that a PA is not my friend but is there to assist me in daily activities in a friendly and comfortable manner. My PA’s also assist me to my appointments such as Dentist, Doctors, Physio or anything else that may arise at short notice.


The most recent major change that has occurred in my life is the change in service provider, it has changed from IWA & Cheshire to just Enable Ireland, the change is still very new and I am still adjusting to it.


In my opinion there is a fine line between a working relationship and a personal one. All PA’s are there to assist me with what ever is required at the time. It is always at the back of my mind how quickly the PA service can change and you will be left behind if you don’t go with the flow. It is hard to do this but it is the easiest option as I have learned from experience.


I would like to finish by saying that without a PA setup I would not be able to live as independently as I am. I have grown so accustomed to having a PA and I feel although I have befitted from the service I have put a lot of work into fighting for it and defending this vital service that I have at present.