Rachel Creevey
Tue, 28 Feb 2017


If you’re a fan of Sky One’s A League of their Own or BBC Three’s Bad Education, you’ll be familiar with Jack Whitehall. Jack is an English comedian, television presenter and actor.

I’ve always thought Jack was funny (and kind of cute!) but I’d never associated him with stand up comedy so when the opportunity arose to see his new show, I was looking forward to going along and seeing him in action.

On Tuesday 21st February myself and a gang of young adults from North Dublin (who are all members of the YAP) headed to the 3Arena to see Jack Whitehall: At Large

The show started at eight o’clock when the warm up act Jarlath Regan took to the stage. Jarlath was very funny and most certainly warmed up the crowd before the main man Jack took to the stage....on a horse! A video played before his entrance showed Jack’s panic when he woke up in UK rather than Dublin and could find no way to get to his show that night; that is, until he borrowed a horse on which he travelled to the venue.

We spent the next 90 minutes giggling as Jack gave us an insight into his crazy life; from himself and his friend Gabe joking with Prince Harry after the Royal Variety show to losing his shot at super-stardom when his vocal was removed from the film Frozen.

The night was full of laughs for myself and my friends from the YAP. YAP stands for Young Adults Programme. The YAP caters for young adults between 18 - 30 who live in North Dublin. It’s run by the staff in the ROC in Clontarf. The YAP takes place on two Tuesday evenings a month, from 19.00 to 21.30. Activities take place in the centre in Clontarf (with games of pool or quizzes) and out and about in the community (LeisurePlex, the cinema, meals out etc).