Richard 'Rocky' Redmond
Fri, 25 Oct 2013
Getting Back Into Action

Getting Back Into Action

Hey folks, Rocky here- it has been a while now since I last wrote a blog as I wasn’t too well. Now I’m back with a punch to get my blog back up and running.

Recently I got involved with the Westside Young Adult Youth Cafe as a youth leader. This term the group decided to do something completely different so the youth worker Stephen organised for the Red Cross to come in for a talk. They spoke about the youth services that they run for all types of youth groups with and without disability all over the world.

The Red Cross has this course called “Options” and the reason the course is called “Options” is because there are loads of options you can do for yourself and your community ( The youth cafe decided to run a fundraiser for the St. Kevin's Family Resource Centre in Kilnamanagh. We’ve decided to fundraise for St. Kevin’s because they have given us lots of support over the years and we use their café space to meet every 2nd Wednesday.

The group gave me the role of project manager. Not sure the gang realise what they’ve let themselves in for! It’ll be fun and games for us all and I’ll try to keep all you all updated on our progress throughout the ‘Options’ project.

Rocky J