Gina Lu
Tue, 21 Apr 2015
An Upbeat Comeback
Gina and Tubs!

An Upbeat Comeback

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”.  This statement could not have been truer, as I returned for the second instalment of Upbeat on Air last month.  Upbeat on Air which broadcasts live from St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services on James’ Street in Dublin is Ireland’s first pop-up all digital radio station dedicated solely for the promotion of positive mental health. 



I spent two weeks in Dublin.  The first was spent practicing with the new equipment which was brought into the station, along with going to see ” Under My Bed”, on its last night in Smock Alley Theatre, which by the way I thoroughly enjoyed.  Plus, what else is a Limerick girl to do in Dublin, only shop ‘til she drops.


The second week was show time in Upbeat.  Yet again the nerves decided to kick in the night before I started.... this time in my dreams.... or should I say nightmares.  I got to work on Paddy Cullivan’s shows again, which I was thrilled with.  Once the first show of the week went on-air I immediately got stuck in by putting into practice the skills I had learned the week before. 


This time each show was 2 hours long as opposed to the 3 hours a day we did in October.  I was relieved to hear it was an hour less than last time due to my nerves but when I got stuck into it the 2 hours flew by and I must admit I craved for more each day.  The desire to stay longer or get more involved became a reality when I was asked to talk to Paddy Cullivan on-air about my disability, my experience in the music industry and give the lowdown on some Positive Papers. 


There were some regular (it may be too early to use that word since it’s only in its second term) faces who returned to the station.... plus some new people came on board.  Two of who were Aidan Power (‘The Den’ in 2003 and ‘The Cafe’ in 2004-2008) and Trevor Keegan (AA Roadwatch).  I was so engaged with my work that I didn’t have time to focus on which guests were in the studio with us.  There was one guest however that I did get the time to thoroughly enjoy the presence of.... the man himself, Ryan Tubridy.  Having met him before I can honestly say, this man is a pleasure to be around.  It was lovely to know that he remembered me too.  We had a nice catch up in studio.  Plus I got a selfie with him.... or as I like to spell it “Celefie” (Celebrity Selfie).  Elaine Crowley was a guest in a different show in Upbeat on Air but sadly I missed her and me being the Midday fanatic that I am, you have no idea how annoyed I was when I realised I had missed her but hey, there’s always next time, right?


So to sum up, I had the best 5 days of 2015.... So far of course as it’s early days yet!  I enjoyed myself so much that I am considering taking on a few more roles next time.