Featured in Spokeout Winter 2011
Written by Rena McCarron Rooney
Thu, 23 Aug 2012
Galway Speeders

Galway Speeders

A new sports club, the ‘Galway Speeders’, will provide sports opportunities for young people in Galway writes RENA MCCARRON ROONEY, Development Officer with IWA Sport.

IWA is delighted to announce the formal launch of the Galway Speeders’ sports club. The idea for this club was conceived a few years ago, but it has taken until now to put the building blocks in place to make this a sustainable club.

The Galway Speeders caters for young people with a physical disability. They promote a wide range of sports and encourage participation at a level of choice, from fun sports to elite participation. Although based in Galway, they welcome young people from neighbouring counties also.

This summer a fledgling team from the newly formed ‘Speeders na Gaillimhe’ competed at the Galway Games, a successful athletic track and field event in which 28 local children with a physical disability took part. The club also tried sea kayaking. Club members, known locally as ‘Speeders’, attend basketball training every Saturday and compete in a national basketball league, under the team name ‘Tornadoes’.

The Speeders also play table tennis. To date they have competed in two national junior tournaments. In the spring, they hosted the first novice home event at the Commercial Boat Club in Woodquay, Galway. Recently they travelled to the Beechhill Table Tennis Club at the Cope Foundation in Cork where they competed in their first away tournament, bringing back some silverware to Galway!

The Speeders table tennis club trains every Saturday morning at the Kingfisher Club at NUI Galway from 10am to 12noon. Anyone wishing to attend should contact Ronan Rooney on tel: 087 688 6303. Plans for the future include establishing a swimming club and an athletics club. They welcome new members and volunteers. Anyone interested should contact Rena McCarron Rooney, on tel: 087 923 6403, or visit www.speeders.ie for more information.