Written by Dani Weldon
Thu, 23 Aug 2012
New IWA Youth Site

New IWA Youth Site

Times are changing and organisations, clubs and groups need to evolve and develop to keep up with the new, modern and current ways of working together. By developing this new IWA Youth Services Microsite www.future-domain.ie/services/youth-services the Association is creating a more useful and youth friendly site because that is what the young people of our Association asked us to do.

Why you ask? We wanted to develop a site that provides up to date information on services around the country, a picture gallery to show off the photos of young people’s activities and a place where young people can check out people’s views, knowledge and life’s experiences. So it’s out with the old youth page and in with the new microsite and we want you to become a part of this new exciting space.

Eventually I would hope that this page will evolve into our very own youth web site that is run exclusively by our youth members so that our information and sources will grow and grow and meet your needs and desires. With your help and advice we have the potential to make this site one of the top leading youth sites out there. Right now it’s a small seed that we need to water to help grow into an amazing flower!

Dani Weldon, Westmeath