Wed, 12 Dec 2012
Looking for a New Direction in 2013?

Looking for a New Direction in 2013?

Now there's a new map for young people to find help.

Check out SpunOut's new map that shows where young people can find help and get advice to help with life. is Ireland's most popular youth website and they have come up with a cool way of displaying the range of services and groups that exist in ireland to help young people cope with things going on in their life. They give the following advice:

"No matter what the question or the problem, there is always someone that can help. Even if it's a problem that you are not sure about, it's better to ask for help or advice than to struggle on alone. Don't be embarrassed or shy about asking for help. Everybody - yes everybody! - goes through difficult stuff in life. It's good to ask your family and friends for support and understanding but it is important that if you need to, you seek professional advice and help."

The map displays different organisations big and small marked across Ireland and they have grouped them in to different categories to help people find what they are looking for. These include...

  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Information
  • Take Action

So whether you are looking to have a chat with someone about something that's going on in your life, if you are looking for a youth information service, or if you would like to know where to get involved in social action projects then you should find what you are looking for on this map.

The contact details are listed for you so check it out and get help if you need it.

Check it out at