Wed, 12 Dec 2012
Knockmitten Café go to some Knockout Wrestling
A ringside view for the IWA Crew

Knockmitten Café go to some Knockout Wrestling

On Saturday the 6th of October the Knockmitten Café youth group left the familiar surrounds of the café for the glitz and glamour (of the leotards that is!) of a local fundraising wrestling tournament. The event was hosted and organised by IWA youth member Niamh Dunphy and her family- with her brother Kevin donning his best wrestling attire to ëmix it up' with his rivals.

Our youth group soon learned the lingo as we witnessed the wrestlers (mainly a 'goodie' v a 'baddie') in each match-up perform their signature moves. These included clotheslines (no pegs attached), elbow drops, sleeper holds, to the good old fashioned face slapping and hair pulling, the real crowd favourites!

The wrestlers came from afar to support Niamh and her family, with the various combatants coming from England and Wales to join up with their Irish counterparts. The entertainment, although quite tongue in cheek, was quite riveting- leading to you to shout for your 'favourite' in each match with an obligatory 'ooh ooh ooh' when your man landed a move or evaded a sucker punch.

All in all, over €1000 was raised for the Cancer Unit of St James's hospital, which is a great testament to Niamh and particularly her bother Kevin, who put in a lot of hard work with promotion and organising.

The IWA's Knockmitten Café in Clondalkin is a place for 13-17 year olds to hang out and meet new friends. If you would like to find out more, please contact David Barry at 087 0506946.