Richard 'Rocky' Redmond
Thu, 27 Jun 2013
Rocky's Road to Dublin

Rocky's Road to Dublin

Mental Month
(The Way I Like It)

Hi guys, hope you are all well. The last month was a mental month for me, between a respite holiday, discos and meetings…busy times!

On the 17th of June a few mates and I went in to the Carmel Fallon holiday centre in Clontarf for a little break.  Well actually it was the whole week Monday to Sunday, the first time the holiday centre opened for a weekend since it reopened. When we arrived there we got a very warm welcome from the lovely staff and they brought out tea and biscuts for us.

We went on outings some of the days and relaxed for the rest of them- it was fun and relaxing. On the Friday night I did DJ for the Knockmitten youth café in Clondalkin…I had the place rocking (Rocky!!) and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Dave Barry (youth worker) organises days out for the over 18’s youth group and this month he got a brainwave to do a night out in the laughter lounge (Comedy Club) on the Saturday night in town. It was great craic, the jokes I won’t repeat as I’m a gentleman! After that everybody staying in the holiday centre headed back for our own little party J sssshhh nobody knows!!!!!

On the following Monday I was back to work and nearly forgot I had a meeting with the NYGA (national youth advisory group) but I made it. It was great to put names to faces as we usually use phone conferencing and it was my first time actually meeting some of the group. We talked about how we can improve the youth service for older members and how we can make the micro site more popular.

Then Dave told me I had to have this blog done…as I said, busy month!!

I’m Rocky, get me out of hereee!!!!